Before and after the revolution
Diptych, sepia stock and b/w photography  

Caridad, a woman at the age of 70 is the centre of an interesting dialogue between her and an object of her memory, a basket ball. This ball seems to be a symbolic and representative element of her career as a national basket ball player which stopped the moment she was expecting a child. What one has learned well, one does never forget.

The way these old, fragile and wrinkled hands still manipulate the basket ball with passion and control or knowledge, shows how important this career as a basket ball player was in her life as a woman. Back in those times Caridad played in a team of nuns.

The experience of triumph and success in an epoch of a Cuba before the revolution. The memory continues like a nostalgic companion in an old photo album, today she expands her energies in the passion of helping others as a practicing Santeria.

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