3D model example of the installation “The OPLA Sycamore», as a part of the project «Garden Times»

The OPLA Sycamore is a large installation, conceived as an expanded sculpture that will also function as a space where, and from which, the audience can feel the experience of being “up in the tree”.

The interior spaces of this construction will contain videos of the interview with Napuli Langa, as well as other performances. Sequences of images of fragments of the tree will be projected on its outer surfaces in a kind of collage. Projections of still and moving images filmed at different times and seasons of the year, mingling to form a kind of kaleidoscope and show the omnipresence of this great tree.

My aim with this project is to establish a poetic link between Napuli Langa and the sycamore tree, to give power to Napuli’s voice and provide a space for reflection in the visual arts through this piece of art, thus leaving a visual record of their historic role and of their presence in the city of Berlin.