Performance at: After the Light II, Performing the Image,
Radial-system, Berlin,  Germany.2010
Curated by: Elena Agudio and Paz Guevara

 The performance Lärm or Unruhe is literally my clearest reference to my artistic practice, where I combine the documentary tradition with collaboration and involvement with the subject. It brings together the real action of two rappers. They were invited to interpret the themes within the work, superimposed on the video projection of their own real domestic contexts, before video-documented by me.

The two guest rappers are Volkan Turell, known as Volkan T, born in Germany of Turkish origin, and the other rapper is Sadi Gent, of Iranian origin, also born in Germany. Both rappers live in Berlin and have years of experience in the genre of Hip Hop. Their writings reflect very serious and critical questions that touch on issues such as integration of foreigners into German culture and the acceptance of this, racism and others, including current issues in today’s Germany.

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