Other Possible Worlds Copenhagen on this side of Utopia, NGBK, Berlin, Germany, 2011

As part of the:
Other Possible Worlds Proposals on this side of Utopia, NGBK, Berlin, Germany 2011

Curated by: Dorothee Albrecht, Berit Fischer, Franziska Lesák, Hubert Lobnig, Moia Zoitl


Technical details

– Video installation consisting of 25 monitors arranged in a wooden structure in the form of tower. 

– Height: 250
– Diameter: 200
– 25 different videos with durations times between 7 minutes and 14 minutes
– Video Format: 4:3 color Pal
– Sound: Yes
– Additional: Texts of 7 rappers, printed on A4 photocopies and presented in a wooden stand

There is a version of these videos in HD format